Add Something Sweet to Your Plate

Taste our maple sugar product

Do you love the taste of maple sugar? Satisfy your sweet tooth while also supporting a local favorite-The Syrup Ranch LLC in Bowlus, MN. In addition to 100% pure maple syrup, we are proud to also offer our very own pure maple sugar. Made from local maple trees, our maple sugar is sure to produce a taste that's undeniable.

Stop by one of our local vendors to take home some sugar for yourself.

Pick up our maple sugar today

Pick up our maple sugar today

Once all the moisture content is removed, you're left with real maple sugar in its purest form. Once you've checked out our list of participating partners on the Our Story page, keep the following in mind. Our maple sugar is:

  • Great when used as a rub on meats during the holidays
  • The perfect gift for your favorite cook
  • Sweet, so you'll want to use three-quarters of a cup in place of white sugar
  • Available by the pound for the retail price of $9

What are you waiting for? Sweeten up your day when you pick up The Syrup Ranch's maple sugar.