Taste the Difference of Locally Sourced Syrup

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If you love dipping breakfast sausage in syrup over a nice plate of pancakes, you'll fall in love with the taste of 100% maple syrup from The Syrup Ranch LLC. We tapped our first maple trees in 2009 and have been winning awards for our local Minnesota sugar maple taste ever since. Put it on pancakes, in smoothies or even in oatmeal!

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Find the perfect gift or stock your pantry

Whether you're looking for a local gift to give during the holidays or you're simply trying to stock up on your favorite syrup, The Syrup Ranch maple syrup is a winner.
Below are our retail prices:

  • $7.00 half pint
  • $8.00 3/4 pint
  • $9.00 pint
  • $17.00 quart
  • 30.00 1/2 gallon
  • $58.00 gallon
  • Maple sugar 11.00 per lbs
  • Cotton candy $6.00 per oz


f you're a business owner and you're interested in distributing our maple syrup, contact us today for information on our wholesale pricing.